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  How are you able to offer such a low price for customers?     
Through continuous support from our customers, we are able to benefit from volume discount and achieve economy of scale. From the lower cost of purchasing, we are able to sell our vehicle components to our customers at lower price.   

As part of our effort to maintain our competitive pricing, we always strive to work hard and work more to give the most value back to our customers.   
  How long it takes to service my car?    
The time it takes to service a car depends on the service requirement of the car and the condition of the car. An interim service will take less time to complete than a full service. Car with problems that require additional work will take longer time.  

For your driving safety, we seek to ensure that we do our part according to the procedures set out to complete your car servicing. We strictly do not compromise on skipping any procedure for rush service.  

If you wish to get your car servicing done in shorter time, read below. 
  Can I request for priority service?     
To provide our customers with fast and effective servicing, all our service pits are systematically scheduled to meet our car servicing needs. To minimize your waiting time, kindly give us a call ahead to check our service pits availability. It is highly advisable for you to make appointment beforehand and ​arrive on time​ for your scheduled appointment so you can skip the waiting time. Avoid queue, call us at 012-5140152 for prior booking.
**Please be understood that if you arrive later than your scheduled appointment time, your slot for our service pit may be given up to the next customer in queue. 
  How often should I get my car for servicing?     
For the most optimal maintenance, check your car manual. Typically this will specify how frequently your car should be serviced and the important car aspects to look out for.   

As a general rule of thumb, getting your car serviced regularly will help to reduce your repair and maintenance cost, and also ensure your car’s longevity. You may refer the guideline below to schedule your car servicing:
Service Type Service Interval 
Essential Car Care When engine oil and filter need replacement 
Interim Service Every 4-6 months or 5,000km mileage depending on the type of lubricant used (whichever comes first) 
Full Service Every year 
Manufacturer Service As per manufacturer recommendation 
  When do I need to change tyre?     
Tyres suffer from wear and tear whether or not we drive on them. For your best safety, you should inspect your tyres regularly - at least once a month. As a general guide, here are some of the tell-tale signs that your tyres need replacement.
  • Tread wear bars/indicators: ​You should change your tyre as soon as possible when you spot tread wear indicators that appear across the grooves of tread pattern. These will only appear when your tread depth has gone beyond limit for safe driving, which is generally 1.6mm.
  • Uneven wear patterns: ​If your tyres have not been properly aligned, inflated or fitted, you may experience irregular tyre wear. If this happens, you should get your car checked for inherent problems with your tyres or vehicles. It is advisable to replace your tyres as soon as possible to prevent further wear, causing unsafe driving.    
  • Bulge or blister in tyres:​ Bulges in tyres occur when the sidewall of tyre become damaged from the impact of pot holes on the road. Such bulges can lead to tyre failure and should be replaced or repaired immediately.
  • Punctured or damaged tyre: ​Some punctures can be repaired while others may be irreparable. You cannot repair any punctures or damages larger than 0.64cm. Do visit the workshop for proper inspection.
  • Maximum lifespan: ​After five years or more in use, your tyres should be inspected at least once a year by a professional. A tyre should be replaced after 10 years from the date of manufacture, even if they have not been used or they don’t look worn. This applies to your spare tyre as well.
  How can I check the price of a product?     
All our prices are stated clearly on our product page. If you would like to source for automotive products of special features that are not found in our website, you may contact our friendly customer service to find out more.  

All our products can be collected at our workshop or delivered to your doorstep, whichever that suits your convenience.
  What form of payment do you accept?     
For online orders, please kindly perform direct atm bank-in, cheque deposit or bank transfer to our company bank account. For confirmation of order and payment details, please call our customer service hotline.   

For walk-in customers, we accept cash, debit card and credit card payment (Master/ Visa) at our payment terminal.   

Walk-in address:  No. 6, Jalan Suria 14, Taman Putera., Johor Bahru, 81100
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